they wonder the real color of skyblue

Exhibited at KABK Graduation Show 2022
海牙皇家艺术学院2022年毕业展 首展
concept & tech dev log︎︎︎

○ Animation & Interactive Installation 互动动画装置
Direction & Animation 导演 & 动画 - Xiaoyao Ma
Tech Support 技术支持- Leo Scarin
Sound Design 声音设计 - Dima Ibrahim


they wonder the real color of sky blue is an interactive animation which lifts the participants from the limit of current social space and time and teleports them into two characters in a simulated world.

Through seeing themselves in a bizarre and surreal environment, the audience join the characters on an adventure of absurd encounters, exploring scenarios of understanding, sympathizing and being in the present. Navigating through physical and digital borders, they find tranquility and belonging in other realities across individual consciousness.

they wonder the real color of sky blue 是一个互动动画作品。当观众走到作品前面的一刻,他们就立刻脱离了当前的社会时空,被传送到了一个虚构的另类世界。在这个奇异和超现实的另类环境中,观众和互动动画里的角色一起踏上一场荒诞又温暖的冒险。他们一起探索如何理解、共情和着眼于当下。

本作品通过TouchDesigner 和Xbox Kinect来实现实时动作捕捉和场景切换。通过两个mini games来连接三段两个虚拟人物在一个抽象、荒谬世界里的探险故事。通过互动,观众可以将自己带入这个虚拟世界并且通过自己的身体来操控里面的虚拟人物。

︎︎︎Exhibition at DeSchool Open Dag, 2023

Photo credits:
Michal Kucharski/Charlotte Brand/Xiaoyao Ma