Haiku #1
Why do my soldiers cry
for my obstinacy when they escape
once in a while

why do you mind
what was happening in the past
stopped happening now

to get things fixed
they first have to be hurt

Haiku #1 extended
My moon earring fell apart last month I try to put the pieces together
with superglue
with better


more expensive



But they stay apart,
as though they’ve never been together.
But I don’t want them to experience the pain again to be burnt and melt
to be soldered.

to get things fixed,
they first have to be hurt hard.

An Elephant with Three Hearts

Sweet Tooth

Through the rain of red leaves
along the sticky canal
I ran, mom, with my eighth tooth
Running and thinking of my other seven teeth

the First one I toss,
secretly into the neighbor’s pumpkin soup can’t even notice with a microscope

the Second one I grind
powder mixed with orange juice
to cure the blind

tiny the Third
but we don’t waste a gram
with this we pay a journey to Vietnam
(in China we don’t do the fourth, so, as mom told me, I’m going to skip to)

the Fifth, to the side,
soak it till it’s ripe in wine
Ewe, gross as it might seem
but it goes smooth as a cream

a trip to the west is difficult,
with the luck of the Sixth it doesn’t feel so
through the sand, cross the woods,
sail the ocean over the hills

with the Seventh I don’t know what to do
so I go to my mom with the crooked tooth
mom takes it over
says it reminds her of her youth

as she hands it back
Awww! Here falls my eighth tooth!
What should I do, mom, what should I do!
Run with your eighth tooth!