The Data Flaneur

Interactive Installation In Collaboration with Jeoren Meijer︎︎︎ Marco Dell’Abate︎︎︎

The Data Flaneur is a candidate project for the Living Lab Scheveningen, in collaboration with the Provnice of Zuid Holland.

On Febuary 9th 2021, The Data Flaneur is officially selected by the Provincie Zuid-Holland (Province of Zuid Holland) to be installed on the Scheveningen Boulevard!

The concept of the Data Flaneur refers back to the idea a Flaneur: an urban figure representing the ability to wander through the city as an observer of contemporary life.

The Data Flaneur, hence, represents an urban figure with the ability to wander through the Smart City, acutely aware of the data- collecting technologies around them and the traces they leave in the digital and physical landscape. Simply, to “Zien en gezien worden.” (See and to be seen)

The Data Flaneur invites people from al levels of digital literacy to achieve data awareness and strengthen their position on smart city technology. By making something reminiscent of both the digital and the physical world, creating the feeling of a natural realm intertwining with digital nodes in a network; visualizing individual data-points connected to the whole environment and transform the act of walking into a playful and reflective practice.

The installation simply consists of a lasercube and two kinect sensors. Reactive visual projection made with Touch Designer.

            “Do I want to stand out, or blend in?”


“What data do I share? What do I hide?”


  “How do I escape the gaze?”

︎ Use of headphone is recommended for full experience.

Render image by Jeoren Meijer

The final proposal for he project is to implement the laser on five smart poles to offer enough spaces for the viewers to take the time to be immersed in the installation

A printed newspaper, The Flaneur Daily, will also be distributed at the beginning and the end of the installtion, referring back to the time when the idea of the flaneur was born, also corresponding to our goal of “inviting people of all levels of digital literacy”.