The Data Flaneur

○ Interactive Installation
In Collaboration with 合作伙伴: Jeoren Meijer︎︎︎
Marco Dell’Abate︎︎︎

○ A selected project for
Living Lab Scheveningen,
in collaboration with
the Province of South Holland. 
作为 Scheveningen LivingLab的精选项目,由南荷兰省和海牙市政厅赞助。

︎ Use of headphone is recommended for full experience.


The Data Flaneur invites people from all levels of digital literacy to achieve data awareness and strengthen their position on smart city technology. By making something reminiscent of both the digital and the physical world, creating the feeling of a natural realm intertwining with digital nodes in a network.

Visuals of individual data-points are connected to the whole environment and transform the act of walking into a playful and reflective practice.

Reactive visual powered by Touch Designer.

基于Touch Designer的互动式视觉体验。
数据漫游人 邀请所有数字素养层次的观众,提高他们对数据的认知,并加强他们在智慧城市技术方面的立场。 通过创造一种既让人联想到数字世界又与现实世界相似的体验,营造出自然领域与数字节点在网络中交织的感觉。 个体数据点的视觉与整个环境相连接,将散步变成一种富有趣味和反思的实践。

Render image by Jeoren Meijer