Lost in Translation

︎Editorial Design
︎Bachelor Thesis    
Interactive/Media/Design 2018-2022
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How do you know you see the same sky as I see? Everyone lives in a different universe. My thesis includes personal observations of having contrasting worldviews generated by speaking two languages: Chinese as my mother tongue and English as my second language. Research on the nature of language and translation theories from authors of various cultural backgrounds helps interpret those observations, extracts from fictional literature about language are also listed to expand the discussion from a general cultural perspective to variations of individual perceptions.

The thesis concludes with the statement that despite the misconception generated by the linear quality of language, there is a great prospect in forming strong connections from the desire to be acknowledged and understood. We become familiar and intimate with one another from those precious qualities that are embedded into senses rather than words. By approaching our encounters with curiosity and patience, we can gain an invaluable understanding of other worlds and realities.