De Binnentuin

In September 2018, twenty fist-year design students(I/M/D Class of 2022), were challenged to rethink the possibilities of group collaboration while giving back life to a desolated outside space just downstairs the I/M/D Department in Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague.

One year later we are proud to present our result: a self-built garden, growing mainly edible and beneficial greens that follows ecological principles and supports a growing community of creative plant lovers.

The garden was designed to be a tranquil space for contemplation as well as an organic space for everyone to experience ecological principles, permaculture, and sustainable living. And most importantly, being an open and comfortable space both for plants and humans.

We started with making our own designs separately, defining our own idea versions of the garden.
In the end, the group chose to make the final layout based on the design from @jeroenmeijer, combining with multiple interesting elements from other designs of the groups.

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︎ to Grow: Project Documentation on Building a Garden

Garden Space at Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
Collectively designed and built with I/M/D Class of 2022
Guidede by Jonanthan Looman
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